RAW Or JPG Images – Which One Is Better


RAW Or JPG Images – Which One Is Better

JPG or JPEG Images

When you shared a photo by an email or posted online- you might have seen a three or four letter extension (.jpg/.jpeg). Almost every high pixel camera takes picture in this format only. However, you can put loads of jpg pictures on a memory card. JPG images are generally good quality and easy to view on computer or any other gadgets. And you don’t need any specific and special software to view those images and can also edit.

RAW Images

This image format embraces minimally processed data from the image sensor. This is named as “raw” because they are not processed as well as ready to be printed yet. These kinds of images format sometimes called-digital negatives.


In this blog, we have provided the information concerning JPEG and RAW images. Now, the question is- which one is better? So many people are there who say that JPEG images are just fine. Let’s investigate into the matter of difference and see which one is better for you!

A RAW image that is shot with- raw mode of your camera that stores the actual sensor data for the picture that shots. A JPEG image is a supplied image of the raw data that has different things applied to it by camera such as- saturation, sharpening and contrast. However, a good quality JPEG image is undoubtedly and incredibly amazing and can be printed at large sizes and look great.

  • RAW images always provide clear and better image than JPG image- if we see according to technical perspective.
  • RAW image has a greater tonal range than a JPEG. And also has great exposure latitude.
  • A RAW image has more data and each pixel has at least 2X data as older camera.

To convert the RAW data to something functional- a RAW image needs some form processing on the computer. The most popular programs are- Light-room, Digital Photo Professional, Photoshop, Aperture and Capture One. The image- RAW has distinctive and inherent technical advantages over a JPG image!