Best Smartphones – For Lovers Of Selfie


Best Smartphones – For Lovers Of Selfie

Whether you love your phone because of unlimited tracks, for apps or messenger or you do take selfies or may be you have to make plenty of video calls in a day. We are providing information regarding best smartphones in the market with their views on the market.

Samsung Galaxy S5

In the first month of Samsung Galaxy S5 arrival, it has got 10 million users. There is not a slightest doubt on that Samsung is the most widely used smartphone some specific regions across worldwide. This version of the smartphone has made loads of changes related to its quality of the camera. maxresdefault


• Fingerprint scanner, water resistant and good battery life • Having a heart rate monitor- amazing for fitness freaks • 16 MP Camera with 2.1 MP front camera Reviews: • Users found it a reverse model of previous phones of Samsung   Gionee Elife E7 In the market, this is the company’s first and latest smartphone. Undoubtedly, this is best for shooting selfies, if you go through with its features. The combination of two interfaces with the camera that include- professional & normal interface. Gionee-Elife-E7_big Features: • 16 MP Rear Camera with professional camera sensor • 8 MP Front Camera • Including two modes i.e. auto and color • Amazing camera with full HD screen Reviews: • Expensive and slow

HTC One M8

With a full, amazing and stylish display- plenty of features. Yes, it’s your HTC. This is the best and forever selling phone in the market. If you love to have a smartphone with modish and gorgeous display, opt for HTC One M8. HTC-One-M8_Gunmetal_Silver_Gold1 Features: • With good performance and highly battery life • Having amazing camera modes Reviews: • Users did not find HTC One M8- compact & light weight and zero water resistant, too.

iPhone 5S

Applications & applications are there in- iPhone 5S! The best smartphone launched in 2013- slick & fast. If you prefer camera with high quality images, we recommend you- iPhone 5S. Having loads of apps to create selfies in this smartphone- 4 inch retina display, 8 MP primary camera & 1.2 front camera. apple-iphone-5s Features: • Great camera interfaces with Touch ID sensor Reviews: • Zero expandable memory and battery life • Pricey With features and reviews, we have pretended the information about smartphones. We hope that above mentioned information would be helpful for you – if you are planning to purchase an another smartphone. Every smartphone has some features with some pitfalls. Its up to you- which smartphone would suit your budget & requirements.